Rule Britannia!


The results are in from r/minipainting’s ‘Tint Your Tribe‘ competition.  I won in the novice category with my mini ‘Rule Britannia’.  Over the past few months I’ve tried get the basics right and push myself to try new techniques.  I’ve had some really positive feedback from the community at r/minipainting and the Oldhammer Forum, and it’s an amazing boost to win a competition.  And of course, there’s a prize: more minis, contributed by the excellent Westphalia Miniatures, Rain City Hobbies, and CK’s Wood.

Thanks to everyone who organised, participated, sponsored and voted.  I’m looking forward to the next competition in June.

Tint Your Tribe

Britannia, featured

It’s competition time!  I have entered the novice category of r/minipainting’s Tint Your Tribe competition.  The rules are simple:  pick a theme which represents my country of birth, and convert, paint, and post a mini which represents that concept.

Maybe your country conquered Gaul once upon a time and you want to recapture the long gone glory of your ancestors! We encourage it!

The prize is a set of five halflings and a fencer from Westfalia Miniatures.  There’s no limit to the options for British miniatures:  there are historical figures from Warlord Games Boudica Triumphant! to WWII soldiers; bowler-hatted steampunk professors to the vast ranges of British fantasy and science fiction miniatures of the last few decades.  But the most British miniature I know of is Rogue Miniatures’ Britannia.  The very personification of Britain.

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